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We boast a comprehensive range of Security Services that would rival most companies.

Globescope Security Solutions PSiRA Number: 1809720 is duly registered as a Security Service provider as contemplated in terms of Section 21 of the Private Security Industry Regulation Act, 2001(Act No 56. of 2001) and has duly accredited as a training provider in Regulation 7(a) & (b) of the Training of Security Officers Regulations, 1992 for the purpose and provision of the following levels of security training:

SASSETA ACCREDITATION NUMBER: 161999692557 As per delegation of the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) in terms of the NQF Act (Act No.67 of 2008) and Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998, as amended. Globescope Security cc is accredited for the following unit standard/s that form part of Qualification: National Certificate: General Security Practices NQF Level 3: ID (58577) and related skills program/s in the private security sector.

SASSETA Accreditation Please see below ‘Download’ of the SASSETA accreditation table that contains the following: SAQA ID; Unit Standard Title; NQF level and Credit/s.


At Globescope, we set the standard for superior security guard services, catering to both commercial and residential needs with unmatched professionalism and quality.

Our approach to strategic human resource management in the safety and security sector is meticulous, emphasizing a rigorous selection and recruitment process to match the unique requirements of each client. Through comprehensive background checks and stringent evaluations, we ensure only the highest calibre of security staff represent us and protect you.


Continual education and skill enhancement are pillars of our philosophy. As a fully accredited institution, we believe in the power of knowledge to elevate the proficiency and performance of our security personnel, thereby fostering a competent and effective workforce.

Echoing Nelson Mandela’s belief, we view education as the most potent tool for change, aiming to revolutionize the world of safety and security.

24hr Monitoring & Response
Site Evaluations
Risk Assessments & Management
EAS Systems, RFID & Tracking
Covert Operations
Loss Prevention Strategies
Compliance Audits
Canine Units
VIP Protection
Investigations & Information Gathering
Event Management
Armed Guarding Services
Emergency Procedures