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Glynn Mashonga, a South African entrepreneur, founder and Chief Executive at Globescope, launched Globescope in South Africa in 2005 with the purpose of being proactive in crime prevention and contributing to improving the social and economic challenges in our country.

Globescope, a 100% black woman-owned business has established itself as an industry leader in delivering effective turnkey security services and solutions to the private, public and commercial sectors in Southern Africa. Globescope recognizes the importance of being at the forefront of crime prevention to reduce the occurrence of crime and mitigate the risk of becoming a victim of violent crimes. To build capacity to meet the complex challenges of constantly evolving crimes, Globescope provides innovative and technology-driven solutions to assist and support both the efficacy and efficiency of law enforcement.

Our mission is to ensure every individual has the right to feel safe and live a life free of violence. Being a customer-centric company means more to us than just providing service excellence. We put the customer at the centre of
everything we do by offering a personalised service to understand our customers distinct needs and preemptively providing solutions to enhance their personal safety and protection of assets unique to their environment. Our core values of trust, accountability, integrity, quality, support and accountability are fundamental to our mission, existence and success. We are driven by building trust in the solutions we provide to our customers; we remain accountable by measuring ourselves against the highest standards of integrity and fiscal responsibility; quality is key to delivering on our promise of reliable and sustainable client solutions; we are dedicated to ensuring the health, safety and personal wellbeing of our staff as we believe this translates into excellent customer care and we are progressively working towards becoming an earth-friendly company by adopting a green philosophy.

Globescope would not be where it is today without community, which is why we focus on giving back. Throughout our history we have been actively involved in Community Social Investment (CSI) programmes and we proudly continue to do so.