About Us

Word From the Founder

Glynn Mashonga

Welcome from the Founder and Chief Executive Officer
at Globescope

On behalf of our great Team, I would like to welcome you to Globescope. We are always at your service, working with passion and dedication to provide you with innovative technologies in the security and surveillance industry. We strive to maintain ourselves as a leader in the industry by focusing on our clients needs by providing value-add solutions that drive better risk management for reducing risk-related costs. We build our credibility by providing the right solution for our clients unique requirements. We achieve dependability by being reliable, honouring our promises and providing superior quality products and services. Our credibility is gained through our knowledge and expertise of the industry and always acting in our clients best interests.

Globescope is a proudly 100% Black-woman owned and operated company that provides an array of security and protection services for both individuals and businesses. I am Glynn Mashonga, founder and Chief Executive Officer at Globescope.

I launched Globescope in South Africa in 2005, after years of working in the industry. South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world and notably high rates of violent crimes. Our law enforcement and criminal justice system is overburdened and under-resourced. To fight crime and reclaim our right to safety and security requires the engagement and fostering of multi-stakeholder partnerships. Collectively, our efforts can address the common challenges effectively to prevent and combat crime, if we become more proactive than reactive. I launched Globescope with a vision to support the needs of our country and fellow South Africans by contributing to the country’s economic growth. As a woman entrepreneur I am driven to empower women and our youth through advance skills development and job creation. Globescope was born from my passion to be more and do more.

Entering a male dominated industry as a woman of colour has presented many challenges. My resilience to withstand adversity and bounce back from these difficult life experiences has fuelled my purpose and passion to grow Globescope and our presence, which has now expanded into Southern Africa.

We boast sophisticated and innovative electronic systems, and also provide human protection solutions, guarding services and an accredited training centre, registered with the relevant industry stand ards bodies.

For us it’s not all about business; giving back to the community is a key pillar for the company. GlobeScope provides internships for unemployed and unemployable people from the local communities. Through education and training, these individuals have the required knowledge, skills and experience to enter the job market and gain employment. Our high standards empower these graduates to successfully meet their job expectations resulting in a steady pipeline of referrals from their respective employers.

I would like to invite you to contact us so we can discuss your needs and tailor-make a solution that works for you. We look forward to partnering with you.